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Verified sellers 101

When purchasing from a verified seller, you know that bidorbuy has authenticated the seller and all necessary documentation has been assessed and approved so you can bid or buy with ease!

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Seller News

How to sell on bidorbuy

Selling on bidorbuy is easier than you think. There are no risks and best of all it’s free. Continue reading to learn how you can make bidorbuy work for your specific needs!

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Setting up a store on bidorbuy

If you are a seller on bidorbuy, consider setting up a store if you haven’t done so yet. It’s easy to do and the benefits are numerous. From a buyer’s perspective, stores are highly beneficial too. If you are interested to know more, read on to find out how.

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online shopping

New fee rate card

From 1 March 2018 bidorbuy will have a new fee rate card. Here is a summary of the changes and some of the reasons why we are making them.

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