Becoming a verified seller on bidorbuy


Have you ever seen that little green tick next to a seller’s name on bidorbuy? This means that the seller is verified. If you are a seller on bidorbuy and aren’t verified yet, you might want to consider it. From a buyer’s perspective, knowing this information is important too… especially for peace of mind when making purchases on bidorbuy.

Getting started

If you want to apply to become a verified seller, you will need to provide us with a copy of your valid South African ID. Other important documentation you will need to send us include the verified user registration form as well as an indemnity form, which you need to fill out and complete. All these documents need to be sent to us either by fax or via email (the fax number is 086 509 5243, and the email address is You will need to be aware of and agree to the verified user agreement. A once-off registration fee of R100 will be needed as well. A few simple steps, but trust me – it will be worth it.

The process

If you are interested in how the whole process works, this is how we check whether sellers are eligible for the verification stamp of approval. Bidorbuy will submit all applicant’s details for a credit check, fraud check and identity check. Based on the outcome of these security checks and at bidorbuy’s discretion of course, your application will either be approved or rejected. The verification process can take up to 21 days.

The benefits

Verified sellers will receive a green tick next to their name, which will increase the seller’s reputation and subsequently increase sales. Buyers who are purchasing or bidding on items sold by verified sellers will have peace of mind as they are covered more fully by the bidorbuy Buyer Protection Programme. Another great benefit of becoming a verified seller is the eligibility to become a store on bidorbuy.

There are no reasons not to become a verified seller; the benefits are to your advantage. You and your business will definitely benefit. Do note that buyers also can – and often do – apply for a verified status on bidorbuy.