Xbox 360 Games releases you can still enjoy in 2021
Xbox 360 Games


There is a funny saying in console gaming that goes a little like this: “Every time Xbox 360 games are released into the marketplace, shattering previous box office sales, a Nintendo exec empties his desk and is frogmarched out of Silicon Valley.” Exactly 20 years on from Microsoft’s initial foray into the gaming market, the Xbox 360, alongside its PlayStation rival, has reimagined the possibilities of gaming, with hyper-realistic graphics, multiplayer online competitions, and a gradual shift towards a completely wireless gaming experience.

While Microsoft has evolved its gaming offering into the Xbox series X and S futuristic offering, you can still enjoy these fantastic Xbox 360 games offerings that will never go out of fashion.

Batman – Arkham City

This Xbox 360 games recreation Of the iconic DC comics series introduced a whole new generation of console gamers to the Batman franchise. It was awarded “Game of the Year” for both the Xbox 360 and PC in 2011 and featured the main campaign that lasts up to 25 hours. Arkham City brought together many of the prominent characters in the Batman comics storyline, with incredible stealth abilities, unlocking of additional missions and challenges, in the backdrop of an incredible design and pumping music soundtrack. Place a bid or buy your copy of Batman – Arkham City directly on our online platform.

Borderlands 2

With all the hype surrounding the eagerly-anticipated Borderlands release coming soon, the classic “ Borderlands 2” deserves special mention as one of the best first-person shooter games ever released on the Xbox 360. Launched in 2012, it featured practically unlimited weapons, shields and environments, as players embark on a relentless quest for redemption and revenge in the surreal world of Pandora. It is no longer available in the shops,  but you can find a new or second-hand copy of this  Xbox 360 game online at bidorbuy.

Grand Theft Auto V

One of the best Xbox 360 games that we’ve been lucky to enjoy – the fifth instalment in the GTA series – became the second-highest selling video game of all time (behind Minecraft). And for good reason too! In this edition, all hell breaks loose in the fictional state of San Andreas as your choice of dodgy protagonists (three characters and storylines are available) are required to navigate shootouts, failed heists, double agents and many more shady characters. Word of note, this is definitely not an Xbox 360 game for the kids, as the objective is to ultimately acquire the best assets and cash by completing missions, through any means necessary. While GTA fans patiently await Rockstar’s announcement of GTA 6, you can still grab your copy of this best-seller and brush up on your con-job skills. 

The Battlefield 3 and 4 Series of Xbox 360 Games

Every gamer will give you a different verdict on which edition of The Battlefield Xbox 360 games releases was better, overall.  While opinions are divided, both offer a remarkable breadth of content and can be played back-to-back if you’re keen on a serious first-person shooter gaming marathon. Admittedly, its follow-up release, Battlefield 5, dropped the ball on the franchise. However, the third and fourth editions are renowned for their award-winning vehicle warfare experiences, setting the benchmark for other FPV shooter franchises to follow.

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