Car accessories – finding the right bits and bobs for any vehicle
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As far as car accessories go, you can add features to your vehicle that range from retro, to utterly ridiculous. While new drivers grapple for the latest gadgets, charging devices and cool interior, light fittings, the 80s kids reading this article may fondly remember adding fuzzy dice or a furry steering wheel cover to the very first car. Truth be told, anything goes when it comes to accessorizing your vehicle – it all boils down to your particular taste and driving needs. 

We’ve hand-picked a couple of must-have car accessories that you should consider when adding the finishing touches to your vehicle’s interior. 

Suck up those stains with a portable car vacuum

You’re already 15 minutes late for work and are frantically knocking back as much breakfast cereal as you can before you reach the office desk. The last thing you need to worry about is tough stains that are almost impossible to remove. It may not be a pretty job, but you can keep your car looking, and smelling, as good as new all the time, by ordering a portable car vacuum

These nifty devices can either be powered through your cigarette lighter port or come as a completely portable, battery charged solution. Never shy away from those hard-to-reach spots again,  while keeping your vehicle’s interior in sparkling condition, just in case you ever need to give your boss a lift home. 

Waterproof car covers – protection for all seasons and swindlers

If you want your car always looking its best – either inside the garage or outside in the driveway – one of the best car accessories you can purchase to preserve your investment is a waterproof car cover.  Not only will it protect your polished exterior from the elements, dust, leaves and other debris, but it will also hide your car’s make and model, along with your precious belongings inside, from would-be criminals. Car covers normally come in sizes ranging from small, to extra large, with custom designs also available for larger cars, bakkies and SUV models. 

Vehicle dash cameras 

Speaking of criminals…In South Africa, we know all too well that any journey can be cut short at a moment’s notice. it is a necessity to feel safe while driving – which is precisely why installing a dash camera inside your vehicle, is much more than just a vlogger’s gimmick. These car accessories have also become a crucial evidence factor, should you find yourself involved in a car accident or exposed to a brush with our law enforcement agencies. To ensure that you capture the best footage, look out for dash cameras that record in high definition, offer strong night vision and provide expandable memory storage. 

A smart car charger for all your communication needs

Forget the humble USB charger, the internet of things (IoT) now offers you a whole new world of connected possibilities while you’re driving. From the wireless charging of your devices to hands-free calling and the expert assistance of Siri or Alexa to continue making all of your life plans on the road, smart car chargers are one of the car accessories you should never leave the house without. 

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