Why we love the wrap dress


The crossover dress, often called the wrap dress, is worshiped by women of all shapes and sizes.

Crossover dresses work particularly well on apple shaped bodies, but that’s not to say they don’t look wonderful on all other shapes.

If you’re thinking sexy, feminine and classy; this is it.

Why We Love it:

  1. It gives the bust area a boost
  2. It slims the waist
  3. It reduces the hips

… thus creating a perfectly feminine hourglass-figure

A Few Tips:

  1. Wear the right underwear: this dress accentuates the bust, so wear a padded bra if you don’t fill it out; and make sure your bra doesn’t show
  2. If you’re pear shaped: find a dress that balances your top; draw the eye upwards with a collar or ruffles
  3. Don’t go for thin, synthetic fabrics; they’ll cling onto you and the effect of the dress will be lost

Ways to Wear it:

Make it glam: pair with heels, a clutch bag and jewellery
Make it boho: wear with chunky sunglasses, ballet flats or sandals and an oversized handbag
Make it corporate: go for solid colours and match with peep-toe heels
Make it fun: find canvas sneakers and any other bright plastic accessories