The veil is lifted


No need to wrack your brains in the guessing game any longer. Just take a look at the image on the left hand side. All will be clear to you. (And no one will be more relieved than our priceless Forum members, who were literally in the throes of anguish for days.)

Yes, the prize in the bidorbuy competition that opens on Monday 25 October is an iPad. And what a befitting prize it is: a device like that is what every bidorbuyer needs in order to carry on the everyday business of trading on the site wherever she or he happens to be.

On 25 October, when the competition officially opens, the rules of the game will be made known to you right here, in the competition category of the bidorbuy blog.  At the same time, we will reveal where the first clue is hidden.

As we already hinted (or did we?), the competition is designed as a treasure hunt. Day in, day out, we’ll spoon-feed you with clues. You will have to decipher all of them and put them together in order to discover the correct answer and stand a chance to win the iPad.

You probably already concluded form the above that you need to keep all the solved clues for the final hurdle.

Here are a few more hints that we are giving away, for free:

  • Keep visiting the bidorbuy Forum, blog, Facebook page and Twitter account. The clues will appear there.
  • When a clue is too hard to crack, turn to your favourite search engine for help.
  • Get to know the bidorbuy Advanced Search functionality. You will need to use it. Often.
  • And most importantly, register on bidorbuy. Only registered users can participate.

Yes, we know, it will be a long and harrowing hunt. But look at the bright side. You have the whole weekend to practice, in between shopping in the bidorbuy Weekend Specials section. Besides, the prize is worth it: