Holidays on R1 auctions on bidorbuy


Today at about 2 P.M. fourteen very lucky bidorbuyers and their partners, family members or friends will have reason to throw their arms up the air, smile from ear to ear, yell hurray, hop on one leg and perform other customary rituals of jubilation.


Because they will have won one of the 14 holiday packages auctioned off by SATSA (South African Tourism Services Association). Though there are still several hours left for late comers to place their bids, the final prices will probably be significantly lower than the market value.

And while the first batch of SATSA holidays closes today, the next batch, also with 14 listings, is already live on bidorbuy. Some of them are still at their starting R1, but not for long, for the second batch is as good as the first one and includes:

And once the second batch of SATSA auctions closes next week Wednesday, the third and final one will begin.

So, by the beginning of November, SATSA will have auctioned off over 40 holiday packages on bidorbuy, all from the rock-bottom opening bid of R1, all without reserve.

The proceeds form the auction will be used to fill the coffers of this non-profit organisation, dedicated to promoting South African tourism.

Once again, here is the link to the enticing SATSA holiday auctions.