The treasure hunt is (almost) on!


Judging from the deluge of comments, speculations, bewilderment and pure angst that a simple and unambiguous Forum announcement (“Watch this space!”) provoked, bidorbuyers are in for an exciting fortnight or so.

In case you thought we’d give away the secret here and tell you what it is all about, think again. We shall not do it, no matter how hard you try to break down our resistance by engaging us in a staring contest via the internet.

Oh, all right, we give in, but just a little.

Here is a morsel of what to look out for:

Barring last-minute changes that our graphic designer might decide to carry out, the above is an almost-true-to-life fragment of one of the banners that you will find somewhere on bidorbuy or bidorbuy-related pages.  The snippet lists the first important requirement: to participate, you need to be a part of the bidorbuy community. In other words, you must be a registered user. (If you are not, head to the Join Now page, now.)

And where do you go from here?

Perhaps to the bidorbuy Forum.

Perhaps to the bidorbuy Twitter account.

Perhaps to the bidorbuy Facebook page.

Perhaps back to this very blog.

For, as our just-published Newsletter clearly states: “Keep your eyes glued to the bidorbuy blog, Forum, Facebook page and Twitter account – for in the days to come bidorbuy will announce the start of a competition in which the prize is… well, let’s just say it’s a highly coveted item.” (Not to worry, we shall not make you subscribe to the Newsletter by inserting clues there, though it is to your advantage to be a subscriber, for, as the old adage goes, a well-informed bidorbuyer is a smart bidorbuyer, or something to that effect).

In the meantime – here’s hoping that the unbearable suspense will not cause you as much suffering as it is apparently causing the guys on the bidorbuy Forum!