The wisdom of prompt replies


bellGood bidorbuy sellers know that it is important to answer questions visitors to their listings may ask.

Even if the answers are already contained in the listing.

Even if the visitors ask something as self-evident as: “How tall is the 14 centimetres vase?”

It is bad for your business to get angry at someone for wasting your time with superfluous questions. When people come to your listing and click on the Ask the seller a question link, it means that they are at least a little interested in the product.

As a matter of fact, buyers may ask a question before ordering or placing a bid just to gauge what kind of customer support they will receive. In this scenario, no response from the seller means no sale.

It is also necessary to reply to every post-order query, regardless of the fact that the answer was stated, loud and clear, in the listing. After all, every communication, even of the kind where you have to reiterate, over and over again, that you ship only on Saturdays, gives you a chance to build a relationship, leave a positive impression, and perhaps up-sell by recommending another item that the buyer might enjoy.

Start every single response with a polite phrase, like ”thank you for your question“. Responding quickly and professionally might turn a casual visitor into a buyer; it may also entice a buyer to remember your spot on bidorbuy and become a repeat customer.

Patience with buyers is a must. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by ignoring queries. True, replying to each and every question does take up your time, but you stand to gain so much from the whole exercise that it can hardly be called a waste of time.