Where to put your TV


For most of us, the living room has to double as a TV room, with the screen taking on the role of a focal point. That is why it is important to display it well and make it blend well with the overall décor.

The good news is that on bidorbuy you can find an array of solutions that enable you to fit your TV set beautifully into your living room’s interior design, without denying its rightful place as a dominant feature.

TV stands

It is easy to find the TV stand that suits you best on bidorbuy. You can choose sturdy or floating units; tall or low; modern or vintage; curved or with straight lines; in light or dark hues. And remember: having a TV stand does not mean that you have to place your television on it! It is also a good idea to affix the screen to the wall above the stand and thus get all that extra space for additional equipment.

TV panels

Panels are a great way to display your TV set. They render to the screen a separate visual entity and highlight it. The shelves provide a practical storage solution and give the whole unit a nice blend of domestic charm and modern appeal. Don’t be afraid to experiment and combine a minimalist panel with a TV stand! Here are some of the TV panels recently spotted in the bidorbuy entertainment units section:

TV wall units

Devoting a whole wall (or most of it) to your TV set and other home entertainment equipment can make a striking design statement. Whether you opt for ultra-sleek and modern, industrial, or a more classical look, you are bound to find your perfect TV wall unit on bidorbuy.

Those pesky cables

Cables are easy to hide if you opt for a TV wall unit or a TV panel. In most cases, they will not present a big nuisance with a set placed on a stand either. The real problem comes when you want to mount your TV onto a bare wall. The best way to go about it is to get a tube into which you can put all the cords to keep them neat and out of sight.

Store and display

Use your entertainment area to store devices and media so that they are easily accessible, but also add decorative elements that complement your décor. The shelves can be the perfect place to arrange books, ornaments, candleholders, family photos and so on. Just take care to select pieces with varying heights to create a pleasing look.

Other concerns

When choosing the perfect spot for your TV set, you need to take into account several factors. You need to locate the closest power source and to consider the amount of glare reflected on the screen from the light fixtures and the windows.

Position your TV so that its centre is about eye level when you are sitting down, or slightly lower. As for the viewing distance, the general recommendation is to keep it between 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal screen measurement.