Welcome to 1970 – pardon, 2010 fashion


One of the great unresolved philosophical questions is about the nature of time: is it linear or circular?

As far as fashion is concerned, the dilemma does not exist. In this sphere of human activities, we can assume with a high degree of certainty that what once was, will be again.

In fashion, true innovators are rare and far between. So rare and so far between that they are merely exceptions that prove the rule: for example, the anonymous style guru who first thought of throwing animal hide over his shoulders; the equally anonymous trendsetter who created trousers for men; Coco Chanel, who formulated the silhouette of modern woman; and Mary Quant, who gave us the mini skirt.

As for the rest, it’s mostly about recycling old ideas.

The case in point is the maxi dress that’s all the craze this season. It is the very same maxi dress that was all the craze in 1970s. And the 1970s maxi dress was suspiciously reminiscent of the (Napoleonic) Empire dress à la Jane Austen of the 1800s, which was, in its turn, inspired by the classical Greek chiton.

Be that as it may, the new-old maxi dress fashion trend is thoroughly delightful. Study this article to find out why you want to wear it and how to wear it to the best advantage. Then browse the maxi dresses on offer on bidorbuy and make an informed shopping choice.

P.S. The opposite of the flowing, romantic, feminine etc. maxi dress, the mini dress, is also “in” this season. And so are the hot pants, another relic from the 1970s. Being a devout follower of style trends, you won’t even wonder – how come. You will know that the world of fashion can, at times, be a little peculiar.