Best sellers of the week


According to our calculation, it’s time to bore you with some statistics.

The data available to everyone under Recently Won & Bought section reveals that during the week under scrutiny 18,759 items were sold on bidorbuy. We scrutinised seven days starting on 15 September at 9 AM and ending today, on 22 September at 9 AM; if you do your own research, your figures will be different, because this section updates all the time.

Category-wise, the list of bestsellers looks like this:

  1. Stamps are at the very top, with 2475 items sold
  2. Jewellery & Watches are holding very well at second place (considering that values here are usually noticeably higher), with 1886 item sold
  3. Coins & Notes are their usual well performing self with 1419 sales
  4. Toys & Hobbies seem to be rising in the world (is that due to Christmas being around the corner?), coming in fourth with 1085 sales
  5. Clothing, Shoes & Accessories took the excellent fifth place with 990 sales, intimating even better results this summer
    Places 6 to 30 of our best-selling chart for the week of 15 to 22 September are distributed in the following order:
  6. Crafts: 956
  7. Antiques & Collectables: 910
  8. Computers & Networking: 890
  9. Home & Living: 859
  10. Books & Education: 790 (do notice the brand-new search tool in the Books section!)
  11. Electronics: 769 (with Security & Surveillance sales high up in this section – a sign on the times we live in)
  12. Sport & Leisure: 702
  13. Cell Phones & PDAs: 652
  14. Gaming: 560
  15. Gemstones & Rocks: 549
  16. Militaria: 529
  17. Garden, Outdoor Living & Pets: 520
  18. Health & Beauty: 423
  19. Photography: 291
  20. Unusual: 273
  21. Art: 261 (of that, 40 sales were in our new Art Directly from the artist subcategory, we are happy to report)
  22. Music & Instruments: 203
  23. Baby: 195
  24. Car Parts & Accessories: 193
  25. Business, Farming & Industry: 137
  26. Movies & Television: 114 (with TV shows and series leading in popularity)
  27. Holistic & Esoteric: 52
  28. Bikes, Boats & Other Vehicles: 41
  29. Travel & Entertainment: 29
  30. Cars: 5, not counting a car key ring that somehow made its way into this category and excluding cars sold through the Classifieds format; the most expensive car actually sold on the site was a  1970 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400, which went for R180,000, and the cheapest a 1958 Ford Consul, sold for R8,000)

If you are an aspiring seller trying to figure out what sells well on bidorbuy, the answer (as indicated by the above numbers) is: everything sells well on bidorbuy. Some sellers like to deal in niche markets and items they know and are perhaps passionate about. Others will sell anything that is saleable. Some are happy to sell low-priced products with small margins, relying on the volume of sales to make their profit. Others prefer to sell fewer up-market items with higher margins.

In other words, the question: “What sells well on bidorbuy?” has no answer. It’s up to you to find your own sweet spot as a seller. The only thing you can count on is: your hard work will sell well, no matter what items you decide to list on bidorbuy.