Turn your back on bad posture while WFH


If you’re one of the many people who’s had to get used to working from home, you may have noticed that your posture has suffered. Your body may even be starting to resemble a question mark! Oh no, wait, was that an exclamation mark? Either way, most of us slouch in front of our desks for at least 40 hours a week – in fact, you’re probably doing that right now as you read this blog. 

Bad posture can lead to ongoing back and joint pain, imbalanced muscles and a misaligned spine. In the same way, that bad posture can take a while to set in, nothing can fix the problem overnight either. If you’re waiting to find out how to correct your posture – sit tight.

Desk stands

Using an adjustable desk stand or laptop stand lets you raise your computer screen to eye level, which reduces strain on your neck and back. Some stands are designed to allow you to stand while you work, which has been found to reduce back pain. Other features include the ability to adjust the angle of your screen, and this can reduce screen glare and protect your eye health.  

Chair inserts 

Chair inserts are ideal for all-day desk duty as they are simple and easy to use –  simply place the device against the backrest of your chair. A Multi-Level Back Pain Relief Device offers three different settings so you can adjust it to fit the arch of your back and use the acupoints to relieve any tension. The Kensington Smartfit Conform Back Rest features a SmartFit system so you can select your personal height setting using a colour coded fitting chart. It also has four independent springs, ventilated support and washable fabric, making it a practical as well as a comfortable choice.  

Buerer 8sense posture corrector

The innovative Buerer posture trainer has a real-time posture Coach App. Easily clipped to your clothes, it gives you a gentle vibration alert after a long period of static sitting. Its sensor-based technology has been scientifically developed to give you actionable feedback on your sitting habits.

Posture seat corrector

If you think you have bad posture, it may be more than a hunch. A Posture seat is said to relieve fatigue, back pain and numbness. The supportive cushion aligns your spine with your pelvis and saves you from having to sit on a hard surface. The centre cutout distributes weight while the raised sides keep you sitting comfortably in the centre of your chair. 

Back posture support brace

A back posture support brace is worn like a backpack. The idea is that it pulls your shoulders and back into correct alignment using an adjustable backstrap to help you form long-term muscle memory. Made in a light breathable material, it has strong elastic for comfortable all-day wear.  

Back support belt

The lumbar compression back support offers natural pain relief by stabilising your lower back. It can improve core strength and stretch tight muscles to relieve stiffness and give you a more upright posture.  

If you don’t think these products can help your posture, you stand to be corrected. Check out bidorbuy for more posture-correcting items you may need to stop working from home becoming a pain in the back.