Hoverboard prices, lingo & fun


Seriously, what is there not to love about a hoverboard? Kids want them and adults think they’re pretty cool! In reality though, unless you are shortsighted, these motorized transport devices don’t actually hover (sorry to disappoint ‘Back to the Future II’ fans). Thanks to the implementation of industry certification standards since 2017, these fun mobile machines are inherently safe and hoverboard prices will be a strong indicator of quality and safety.

If you are a lover of gadgets and devices, then you know that you get what you pay for. So this price principle should guide your online shopping hoverboard shortlist list when choosing your next ‘wheels’ and before you start zooming about. 

We advise you consider the following before adding a hoverboard to your cart:

A ‘UL 2272’ stamp of approval

As you are browsing online listings – hoverboard prices, features and colours should take second place to a UL stamp of approval. 

For a hoverboard to sport this stamp of approval, it first has to pass the UL testing criteria:

  • Battery tests: All hoverboards, no matter the price, use lithium-ion batteries because they are small in size but big on power storage capacity. They do tend to overheat, so UL has tests to simulate a battery cell heating up and see what happens if it gets punctured. 

(Tip – Hoverboard batteries are sensitive to heat, so keep in a cool place when not in use).

  • Charger tests: Hoverboards use USB chargers. To get a UL thumbs up, the lab will test the charger. A bad charger could cause the batteries to overcharge and then explode or to just dry out and die. So no matter how good a hoverboard price might be, it is not a bargain if it is not UL certified. 

(Tip – never charge a hoverboard for longer than the recommended time).

  • Wire tests: Some brands take shortcuts in the manufacturing of their hoverboards. UL technicians open up hoverboards they’re testing to take a closer look at the inner workings to make sure there are no wires exposed, no crimping, no short circuits and no loose metal shavings. 
  • Drop tests: UL also conducts drop tests. A hoverboard is unlikely to get a coveted UL 2272 stamp if, after one drop, it breaks and falls apart. 

(Tip – play nice with your hoverboard and don’t throw it around. And unless you have an all-terrain board, best not to go off-road)

Price point guide

A really cheap price on a hoverboard is probably going to mean it is not UL certified. So pricing is a legitimate guideline to curate your online hoverboard shopping wishlist. Without the UL stamp of approval, that deal is not that great and you are likely to pay the price with a faulty or exploding hoverboard. It is really not worth taking the risk. 

If buying new, you will generally get a 12-month warranty on a hoverboard and the cost will set you back about three to four grand (R3000 – R4000).  Second hand, you are looking at around R2000 – R2500 as a guide price for a good quality hoverboard.  

Colours and designs

Hoverboard prices are not really affected by different colours, designs or patterning. So once you have done your due diligence (as outlined above) this is where you get to have fun in choosing the hoverboard of your dreams. 

When it comes to the exterior shell design, you have creative freedom. It’s a bit like choosing the same model car but in a different colour – so whether you fancy plain colours, metallic or patterned, the fun and functionality factors are  not compromised.

Thanks to safety improvements and UL certification, buying a hoverboard for the right price means you get to rock the road and get to places in zooming style. 

(Tip – stay safe by wearing protective gear. You are unlikely to burst into flame but you are likely to fall off and injure yourself. A cycle helmet is a minimum must).

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