iPhone prices – since when does ‘happiness’ have a price?


Are iPhones worth the spend? If you are already part of Apple’s illustrious ecosystem, then the short answer is, “Yes!”  Apple’s reputation, brand loyalty, and unique OS features are the rationalisation for premium iPhone prices and the reason customers keep coming back for more.  

As an Android user, FOMO has probably had you asking yourself if iPhone prices are justified. If you are perhaps considering switching to iOS and want to know which iPhone you will be able to score within your budget, then this blog is for you. 

Aside from the obvious camera benefits, the Apple landscape is a world all on its own:

“The iPhone isn’t just a piece of hardware, it’s the software that runs on it, and it’s the system that surrounds it. ….it is Incredibly consistent, they don’t change much over the years, they never have and all the iPhones will have literally the same software experience as the new iPhone, as soon as it comes out”MKHBD (Award-winning Tech Video Youtuber).

Say ‘cheese’ 

Ever just sat down at the mall and observed a group of friends taking selfies? Almost always, the one with the iPhone is the designated camera person. If you have been part of such a crew, we need to start a support group for times when the iPhone users don’t send pictures to the whole crew, on time, after meet-ups! 😜 

Hate it or love it, their pictures always look Instagram-worthy! This ‘camera envy’ is just one of the many reasons users of iPhones will justify the price.

Living ‘apple-y’ ever after!

When you buy an iPhone, you are buying way more than a device; you are buying what it symbolizes. For starters, that includes social recognition. (There is no denying this “Apple snob” factor). And as a brand, Apple has successfully tapped into the neuro-marketing consumer behavior trends. Prices of iPhones pale into insignificance when pitted against such brand identity and association. Definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum – owning one is a long-term investment. And then, of course, they just make you feel happy.

For the not-so ‘tech geeks’

Aside from looking cool and taking great photos, there are a few other technical factors to consider before purchasing an iPhone. These include size, memory, screen lighting (whether it uses Apple’s True Tone Technology, HD, or Super Retina displays), home button, release date, and security features. You may want to sit down with an Apple store consultant or do your own due diligence, online, before you whip out your credit card and pay the price for the iPhone of your dreams.

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