Travelling right


Lolling on the Wild Coast pristine beaches… soaking up the beauty of the Cape Point Nature Reserve… ambling around the Winelands… exploring the Mpumalanga Meander… going on a sightseeing tour of a Latin American, Asian or European city…

No matter how you plan to spend your holidays, you will do yourself a favour if you prepare well by reading up about your destination. Look through the bidorbuy travel books section for brochures and guides. If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you may want to peek into geography or history books too, and even literary works set in the corner of the world you intend to visit.

We guarantee that this step will increase your travelling pleasure by a notch or two, because (a) you will know what to look for and (b) you will know what you are looking at.

Another important consideration is the luggage you take with you. There are few things that are more annoying than having to worry about how to get a mountain of heavy suitcases from point A to point B at the time when, by definition, you should be enjoying yourself. So, as far as luggage goes, less is more.

We warmly recommend following to the letter the advice laid out in the website appropriately named One Bag. Fashion-conscious will also want to mind the rules set by bidorbuy’s Alison on how to choose the vacation wardrobe.

If you manage to pack all your one- or two-week necessities into a single carry-on bag, so much the better for you! Only, make that single bag count. Make sure it’s both practical and beautiful. The bidorbuy luggage section is the right place to look for your ideal travel bag.

It remains to book the cheapest airline ticket you can find on the bidorbuy flight engine. Then set off in the right company and with the right mindset. And remember to send everyone you know a “wish you were here” picture postcard! This is one situation where a digital message simply will not suffice.