What to wear on the aeroplane


Travelling long hours on a plane can be uncomfortable and irritating. Here are some tips on looking fresh and feeling relaxed while you travel to your holiday destination. Wearing the right clothing is of utmost importance. We also give you some advice on what toiletries you should take on board with you to ease your journey.




  • Drink plenty of water and stay away from caffeinated drinks
  • Avoid wearing make-up; it’s bound to be smudged. If you must wear make-up keep it simple and touch up just before landing
  • If you have long hair, wearing it in a top knot will prevent it from getting dirty and keeps it out of your face. You will also sleep more comfortably with your hair tied this way than wearing it in a pony or low bun
  • Moisturise your face and hands often
  • You should carry the following on board in your hand luggage (but be wary of airline limitations on liquids): a small tube of face moisturiser, lip balm, a small brush, a change of clothes for the new climate (and in case your luggage is lost), tissues, wetwipes, gum, pick one make-up item you just can’t live without — like mascara, extra socks for sleeping in

What to wear


It’s most important to be comfortable when travelling long distances by plane. Fitting clothing can become uncomfortable because your body swells while flying. This can also add to health problems by restricting blood flow. It’s a good idea to wear loose fitting, breathable clothing that you can comfortably sleep in.

Layering is a good idea as the temperature on the plane will vary; one minute you’ll feel too hot and the next will be too cold. Layer your outfit so that you can comfortably and easily pull off and replace layers as you fly.

Wear shoes that you can slip off easily when going through security. Once one the plane, take them off and put your extra pair of socks on.


Outfits that fly well are:


  • a tunic with leggings and slip-on brogues or smoking slipper pumps
  • a maxi dress with flat boho sandals and a scarf
  • loose jeans and a bat-wing top


Add a cardigan, jacket and loose scarf for extra warmth


30 minutes before you land


Make your way to the tiny bathroom cubicle and splash your face with some water, brush your teeth and hair. Moisturise your face, change into your new clothes, add a dash of mascara and lip balm, and your off.