Tips for creating a good listing


It is important to create a great listing, why you might ask? Well, a sub-par and complicated listing will result in less sales and also make shoppers less inclined to buy from you in future. Your main goal as a seller on bidorbuy is to make sales, so we are here to help you. Let’s ensure you have the best listings so you can attract customers and make some sales. Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, here is a general tip to consider. Be clear, concise and to the point (less clutter and irrelevant information – the better) but don’t forget to include all the important information too.

1. Title

Think about what buyers will type in when searching for this product, so keep it short and to the point. Also make sure your spelling is correct. Avoid a long title with too many descriptive words and punctuation marks. Simple is better.

2. Description

If you wish to give a more detailed description do so, but stick to the point. Remember that shoppers cannot see or touch the item so give a detailed description of how it looks and feels. Include the dimensions of the product, sizes available if you are selling shoes and clothes, colours available, etc. It is very important to describe the condition of the item if you are selling a secondhand product. Once again, take note of your spelling – you don’t want to make a bad first impression. Lastly, keep your font consistent and choose one that looks professional.

3. Images

Shoppers are extremely visual when it comes to shopping, especially online. This is a major selling point, so blurry, small images won’t cut it and definitely won’t lead to a sale. Be sure to include three to four images of a reasonable size. Make sure each image highlights a different angle or detailed element of the product. Tip! Let’s take this one step further, try to include images without a background as this makes your listing look neater and will definitely entice shoppers to make that purchase. If you want some tips for removing image backgrounds, read more here.

4. Price

When setting the price of a “buy now” item, make sure you set it at a price that is low enough to be competitive and high enough to make a profit. When it comes to auction items, be sure to set the opening bid at the lowest amount you are willing to let the buyer have the product and opt for low bid increments.

5. Shipping details

It is vital to be very clear about the shipping information. Go into detail about the price along with the corresponding locations. The more information, the better. Also, be very clear about the number of days delivery is expected to take and stick to those timelines. In the case of delivery delays that are beyond your control, be transparent with the buyer and keep them updated throughout. Communication is key.

6. T&Cs and enhancements

Make sure all your T&Cs are clear and easily visible on the listing, this includes your warranties and guarantees. Offering a warranty or guarantee is a great way to make shoppers feel more confident about their purchases. Offer multiple payment options so that you don’t limit the number of potential buyers. Also, you can make use of bidorbuy’s enhancements to make your listing more visible to shoppers. Lastly, consider giving a free item with any purchase, this will definitely make your products sell like hot cakes!

So there you have it, six tips to help you convert an average listing into a great one that stands out from the crowd and hopefully leads to more sales.