Decorating with clocks


Beautiful or unusual clocks can be an effective focal point in your interior design. As clocks come in many shapes and sizes, they can work wonderfully with any style: classic, rustic, vintage or ultra-modern.

When choosing a decorative timepiece, have in mind the function, style, proportion and the predominant colour scheme of a room. You can opt for something as simple as hanging an oversized clock on a wall, or go for more elaborate arrangements. Here are some ideas!

Wall decor

Wall clocks are usually placed in the hallway, living room and kitchen. However, a wall clock placed in a bathroom can look stunning! (Whether it will contribute to the reduction of bathroom hogging is, however, open to debate.)

Wherever you choose to place it, make sure the clock is big enough so that it doesn’t look lost in the space and take time to find the best spot for it. As a rule of thumb, you should hang your wall decorations a little above eye level.

wall clock

Sitting pretty

It goes without saying that a fireplace mantel requires a stately mantel clock. It is a less known fact that desk clocks (or table clocks) and books make a great combination on a shelf or a bookcase. You can even use them as bookends!

Although relatively small, well-placed tabletop clocks can be a strong decorative element that rounds off the style of a room.

desk clock

Fit for a gallery

A wall, a desk, a mantelpiece… all of these spots can be used to display clocks of different shapes, sizes and sizes in an interesting pattern. Set them to different time zones if your loved ones live far away, and think about them whenever you check the hour.

A mixed galley of clocks and framed paintings or photos can also look stunning!

decorate with clocks

A touch of vintage

It is often a good idea to have one or two vintage elements to your interior. A magnificent grandfather clock will add a touch of elegance to spacious rooms. Cuckoo clocks will bring an element of fun and whimsy and are especially suited for small, narrow spaces. The classic alarm clock can take the place of an artwork on a nightstand in a bedroom. And a big retro wall clock will look great with contemporary furniture.

vintage wall clock

How the times have changed! Ordinary clocks whose only purpose used to be to display time have become a style statement. Select your decorative timepieces with care, confident in the knowledge that there is a clock for every space and for every taste.