The Last of Us pushes all the right buttons


The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic action-adventure game which is set for worldwide release on June 14, 2013. It is a highly anticipated title which has garnered critical acclaim from all reviewers, with many labelling it the chef d’oeuvre for the publishers Naughty Dog and also of the 7th generation console systems.


The game takes place on an Earth that has been transformed in a strange and terrifying way. A fungal pathogen has infected millions, turning them into savage lunatics, and causing a collapse of civilization. Survivors are hutched in quarantined zones under the control of United States Military, who rule with all the force of Martial Law, ruthlessly weeding out infected citizens.


In this failed world, an egocentric smuggler named Joel promises to a friend that he will do his utmost to bring a teenage girl named Ellie, who might hold the key to eradicating the fungal plague, across the U.S. to a group of freedom fighters.


Players take control of Joel and must cross a territory teeming with infected humans and lawless brigands scavenging for food and fuel. They must also avoid the long hand of the U.S. military that covet Ellie for their own purposes.


The game features elements of stealth combat, third person shooters and action-adventure, along with a strong storyline that is said to be emotionally charged.


You can find The Last of Us on bidorbuy.

Last of Us