The joy of text


Our latest blog is definitely worth a read – it’s all about the pleasure you can get from reading a real book. Of course, we’ve got nothing against e-readers, but this article might just re-kindle your interest in paperbacks. 

Read on!

You’ve got to love books – they’re awesome! If it’s been a while since you got your hands on a real novel, then take a leaf out of our book and check out our top 10 reasons to love books.

1. Books make you look smarter

Just make sure that you’re not holding it upside down when you whip out your paperback on the Gautrain.

2. If you lose a book, it’s not the end of the world

They’re much cheaper than e-readers, so you won’t be too depressed if you misplace one. Unless of course you were just about to find out who the killer was.

3. You never need to charge them

Books just work, without cables or Wi-Fi or hard to remember passwords. All you need is a light to read by.

4. They’re portable

Books are the perfect weight and size to carry around. Keep one in your bag and you’ll never be bored waiting for an appointment or sitting in traffic.

5. They burn

On a camping trip and out of firelighters? It’s a travesty, we know, but you can tear a few pages out and get the braai going.

6. Guaranteed action between the covers

No, we’re not just talking about Fifty Shades. A good book is always an adventure, and they fit perfectly with any lifestyle, so you don’t need to feel tied down.

7. That new book smell…

Why stop and smell the roses when you can pause and sniff the pages? It’s like inhaling knowledge.

8. They’re real page-turners

Given up smoking and need to keep your hands busy? A book is the perfect way to occupy yourself – especially if it’s got a cracking plot.

9. Compatible with any accessory

You don’t have to buy a particular pen or pencil to write in them. Heck, you can even use lipstick in an emergency. 

10. Whatever you’re into, there’s a book about that 

Thousands of new books are published every year – but not all of them are available digitally. If you have a hobby or interest that not many other people share, you’re still almost certain to find a physical book on the topic. Then there’s the joy of searching for (and finding) antique books, first editions and books that are no longer in print. 

Next time you feel the urge to pick up your phone or tablet to kill some time, pause for a moment and think whether reading a book might be more enjoyable. After all, people have been reading books for centuries – and now you know some of the reasons why.