Top 5 TV series at the moment


Don’t you hate it when everyone is talking about that new TV series and you have no idea what’s going on? Of course, there are some TV series that spark no interest whatsoever, and that’s ok – you should watch genres and storylines that appeal to you. Hence, the purpose of this blog, take a read below to see if any of these popular TV series are something you would consider watching. Here are our top five picks. 

The Bachelor 

The Bachelor is definitely a big deal at the moment, if you have no idea what this TV series is  about, here’s a little summary. There is one Bachelor who gets to date over 20 different girls in the hope of finding true love. Along with jealousy and high emotions, you’re in for a drama-filled ride. If you are a reality TV junkie and love a whole lot of drama, this is the perfect show for you. Along with that, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette USA is also highly recommended, if you think the South African installment is wild, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Love is Blind

I know, another reality show about finding love, but if everyone is talking about it, there must be a reason for all the hype. If you haven’t heard about this show as yet, here’s a little synopsis. The aim of the game is to find a match and fall in love, here’s the twist: you need to make a connection with someone without ever seeing each other. Participants can then agree to marry each other without having ever met, how’s that for a twist. Bet you itching to watch it now? 

I am not Okay with this

This is a brand new comedy drama available on Netflix. It’s all about the struggles of a high school girl named Sydney and how she copes with the many things that come with being a teenager, including family and identifying her sexuality. She also needs to learn how to manage her new superpowers, didn’t see that one coming, did you?

The Witcher

After the Game of Thrones finale, people were left wanting more. Luckily The Witcher was ready in line to fill that gap. This fantasy drama is based on a book series of the same name. This fictional, medieval-inspired TV series tells the story of a mutated monster hunter who struggles to find his place in the world, a world where people are more wicked than beasts. 

Star Wars: The Mandalorian 

Baby Yoda is all you need to know! If you thought Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy was adorable, think again! But let’s get back to the plot and storyline, this live action series is set five years after the events of Return of the Jedi and 25 years before the events that take place in The Force Awakens. In summary, a gunfighter makes his way through the outer areas of the galaxy.

Now that you are up to speed on all the trending TV series of the moment, be sure to get your popcorn, a blanket and settle into your couch. Get ready for a binge watch of note!