The birds of South Africa need you


If you browse the bidorbuy colour photography section, you will notice an unusually large number of photographs depicting birds.

That is not a coincidence. The ten photographs are the finalists of the Bird Life South Africa photographic competition and are currently exhibited in the Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town. All the proceeds from the sale are going towards the study and conservation of South African birds.

Bird Life South Africa is the only dedicated bird-conservation organisation in South Africa. They have six thousand members in forty bird clubs and branches throughout the country. The photographic competition and the auctions on bidorbuy are a part of their Save Our Seabirds Festival (12 – 18 October 2009), intended to raise the understanding of wild birds and their habitats and to raise the funds needed for the improvement of the conservation status of all bird species.

All the photographs on auction on bidorbuy are mounted and large; most of them are A2 format. You have until 14 October to acquire one or more of them and help conserve South African birds.

We recommend going to your local cinema to see the movie “Earth” before placing a bid. The film will pre-condition you wonderfully, making you likely to bid at least twice as much as you originally planned – and, in this case, that is a good thing. This is one time when you should allow your emotions to influence your purchasing behavior.

Bring the splendor of South African bird life to your home or office and help protect their precarious existence by bidding on one of more of these ten photographs: