The Bandit’s records find a new home


On 19th June, the finale of an enormously successful auctioning saga was finally played out. We are talking about the auction in which DJ Derek “The Bandit” Richardson offered his entire collection of about 3000 vinyl record.

In spite of his somewhat foreboding moniker, Derek “The Bandit” is actually a nice guy, whose heart is in the right place. This he proved by donating the entire proceedings of the auction, R25,000, to the Starfish Greathearts Foundation, the charity involved with helping the orphaned and vulnerable children in Southern Africa.

The auction opened on bidorbuy on 21st April and lasted until 5th May. The winning bid of R25, 000 was placed by Fransoa  Joubert. Although Fransoa  got his new collection quite a while ago, the small ceremony and photo shoot took place only yesterday. You can see what the main participants had to say on this YouTube video (1:29 minutes long).

The sharp-eyed among you might have noticed that on the video bidorbuy’s Johan has a black eye. No, that’s not a memento of a wild brawl (Johan is not that type of guy at all), but a consequence of a sporting accident involving a cricket ball. Incidentally, that accident was the major reason for the postponement of the ceremony. However, that main thing is that everything ended with an all-round happy end. Frans is happy with his new collection. Derek and Starfish are happy with the donation. Bidorbuy is happy for having been able to contribute to the happiness of others, and happy to have Johan back, albeit with a black eye.