On the concerns of a newbie


Just the other day, one of the bidorbuy  seasoned customer support ladies got a phone call that almost made her fall off her chair. As soon as the caller rang off, she recounted the conversation to the rest of us.

The call was from a seller concerned about the destiny of the products he intended to post on a no-reserve auction. He wanted to know:

a) Can he refuse to let go of a product that does not reach a fair price?
b) Should he himself place a bid or two in order to boost the price?
c) If he ends up as the highest bidder, will he be obliged to buy the product from himself?

Naturally, the gist of the answers he got was: no, absolutely not, and don’t even think about it.

We understand the concerns of this seller, who is obviously new to bidorbuy. After all, who wants to sells their merchandise at a loss! (The correct answer being: no one). Having ascertained that, it is also necessary to point out that online auctions – just like real-life ones – are a risky business. There is the allure of a potential big gain.  There is also the risk of a potential loss.

As a newbie to the world of online auctions, you have to do your homework well. At the very least, you need to have fairly well-documented answers to the following questions: How do the wares the other sellers offer fare? What are the most popular lines of products? What price are the buyers ready to pay for the items similar to your own? Only then will you be ready to let the market forces (that is, the community of bidorbuy buyers) determine the value of your merchandise.

It must also be said that the realm of no-reserve auctions is perhaps better suited to the seasoned sellers.  Newcomers may want to consider less stressful ways to sell: listing products at fixed prices (via the buy now option), or setting the reserve amount (under which they will not part with the goods) on the items posted for auction. True, no option is as attractive to the buyers as the R1, no reserve option. But if you choose it, you also have to accept the risk and the stress associated with it. In short, in the world of online auction, you can’t have it all.

The seller from our story is not a villain. He is not out to cheat anyone.  His is the error that comes from lack of knowledge. (Not that ignorance is an excuse. Anyone practicing any of the unacceptable behavior patterns, including the ones set out in points a), b) or c) above, faces the worst fate: banishment from bidorbuy community.)

We are glad that this seller came to us to air his concerns. We are confident that he is much clearer on his dos and don’ts after the little chat he had with bidorbuy customer support. Clarity and transparency are all-important in an environment based on honesty and trust, like bidorbuy is. Before implementing what at first sight might seem like a bright idea, it is usually enough to ask yourself: would I like to be treated like that? If the answer is no, abandon that course of action.

Of course, whether a seller or a buyer, you are always welcome to chat to our customer support on any bidorbuy related issue that mystifies you.