Tablets for sale – finding the right fit and functionality


Did you know that the very first commercial tablets for sale – the GriDPad 1900 (released in 1989) – weighed over 2 kilograms? Featuring laughable specs compared to today’s mean machines, the launch of the first tablet on a mass scale was as influential to the business world as the fall of the Berlin Wall was to the western world during this same pivotal moment in history.

Brief history lesson aside, there is much to be excited about when deciding on the perfect tablet to meet your work or entertainment needs when bridging the desktop and mobile divide. 

In this blog, we separate the Apple devotees from the Android aficionados to guide you towards the perfect tablets for sale that will tick all the boxes for your daily browsing, streaming and task needs.

Samsung Tablets

Speaking of the Berlin Wall, Samsung announced its very first commercial tablet release in 2010 at theIFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) in the very same city. Initially offered as a 7-inch option, Samsung quickly modified its subsequent Galaxy tab releases with larger screens, expanded onboard storage and higher RAM performance. 

The latest models of Samsung tablets for sale feature blistering product specs that are on par with their mobile and laptop counterparts and integrated with 5G technology for lightning-fast internet speeds. The Samsung S series is the top of the line model, while the A series comes at a more budget-friendly price tag and can be picked up for a great deal on our online platform

Apple iPad Tablets

If you’re surgically attached to your iMac or Macbook Pro, keeping up with the latest iPhone release and have your entire life synced to your Apple Watch, the question is not, “which tablet?”,  but rather “what is the best iPad tablet for sale that I can pick up at my budget to complete my Apple ecosystem?” Apple sets the benchmark in tablet performance but that comes at a premium retail price that creeps up with every mind-bending release. If you are willing to sacrifice the latest hardware versions, bidorbuy not only offers new and secondhand Apple iPads for sale but also allows you to safely sell your previously-loved gadgets to boost your trade-in value when upgrading to the device you are after. 

Tablets for sale

Budget-friendly Tablets for Sale

The tablet market is by no means a two-horse race, with many cheaper Android tablets now available that boast impressive screen resolution, RAM and storage space. The pick of these devices in 2021 include Lenovo, Mecer, Connex, Neon and Vodafone, which all offer great functionality, moulded into an impressive fit and feel, at a fraction of the price tag of the latest releases. If you are willing to sacrifice 4G connectivity and opt for a ‘Wi-Fi only’, tablet device, you can pick up a great bargain.

Whether you are selling your pre-loved Samsung Galaxy Tab, fishing for the best deal on a nearly-new Apple iPad, or need an affordable device to keep your kids away from your prized gadgets, bidorbuy morphs into South Africa’s very own ‘tablet town’ to source and secure the device you need (or no longer want). 

Browse through our online platform to find new and secondhand tablets for sale for every budget and requirement. Touch and click – your tablet search ends here.