Hot Styles for Winter Outfit Trends


It’s still autumn and the temperatures are (just about) bearable, but winter is almost upon us. That means it’s time we discussed winter outfit trends. It’s no secret that 2020 saw the appearance of some unforeseen “styles” like sweatpants, leggings and Zoom tops, but in 2021, fashion is back with a vengeance. From oversized blazers to edgy boots, there’s plenty to look forward to this coming season.

Puffer pieces

This is a winter outfit trend we can all get behind because it’s for both men and women and it’s all about keeping warm in winter, whatever the occasion. When this really large puffer jacket trend first emerged, it felt like the puffier your jacket, the more street cred it gave you. Fortunately, the fashion industry has moved away from these huge puffers to allow for more options. Pillowy, padded or quilted, the puffer comes in a variety of thicknesses and shapes, allowing you to make the best choice for you – and for the weather.  

Edgy boots

It goes without saying that boots are a winter staple, and we all have our favourite go-to pair that we’ve kept down the years. This year, however, there are some new must-have winter boots on the block. Knee-high boots are making a serious impact, whether worn over stockings and styled with a skirt or pulled over jeans. They’re particularly trendy in cream colours, moc-croc and black suede. Next up is the combat boot, a practical everyday shoe that also happens to be perfect for trans-seasonal dressing. Combat boots look great paired with blue jeans and an oversized shirt but you can also mix things up by wearing them with a skirt or floral dress – they’re the perfect item to complete any winter outfit trend. 

Ready or knit

If knitwear makes you think of the chunky, scratchy and misshapen jerseys that your gran used to knit you, then it’s time to discover what else is out there. Houndstooth, cardigans, cropped jerseys and ponchos – they’re all knits and they’re all completely aligned with 2021 winter outfit trends. Knit cardigans and jerseys are particularly in this season as they are comfortable, practical and versatile. Knit dresses are also a hot commodity; they’re perfect for being dressed down or up by adding a pair of sneakers or gold accessories.

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Cold Weather Leather 

Leather has made an unapologetic comeback in everything from belts to handbags. Luckily leather handbags are a practical trend that will carry us through the winter season. Leather bags in standout colours definitely count as a winter outfit trend worth keeping an eye on, so simply select the shade that works best for you. Leather totes are also a must-have, but this time with sleek shapes and sharp edges.

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