Swimwear for women: 2018 trends


We have officially entered the summer season; the hot weather makes you want to cool off! A quick swim is always a great solution, so swimwear is essential. But these days, swimwear is not only about practicality, it is also definitely about being fashionable too. As the end of the year approaches, many of you will be heading off on holiday to relax and unwind. So if you are looking for a swimsuit to dazzle the crowds while also feeling comfortable, let me take a minute to show you the biggest trends in swimwear this season.

The overall design:

One-piece swimsuits are back in fashion and extremely popular. The great thing about a one piece is the versatility. If you are more daring and like to try different things, you can explore a one-piece with a plunging back or one shoulder, or maybe even geometric cut-outs. However, if you are more conservative, a one-piece is still the perfect choice as it allows you to hide your stomach (if this is an area you are self-conscious about) or even just provide a “sucked-in” feeling, which is better than feeling like your stomach is bulging.



High waisted swimsuits – bring back a retro feel and they are great for tucking in your tummy, if that is your concern. Just be careful when tanning in this type of swimsuit, as you might be left with a strange tan.



The sporty look is trending this season and in all forms, from bikini sets to one-pieces and even high waisted bikini sets. This simple yet practical design is not only in fashion, it is also very comfortable and form fitting.


High cut swimwear comes in both one and two-piece options. Who would have thought the Baywatch look would be back in fashion! One great feature about this new trend is that it makes your legs look long and slender.


The must-have details:

Ruffles are all the rage right now. They can be found on the bottom piece of the bikini set, but are mostly placed on the straps of the swimsuit. They add some detail and a beautiful vintage touch, making your swimwear unique.


Plunging backs are a feature found on many one-piece swimsuits this season. They add some edge to the almost conservative full swimsuit concept. They also add to the illusion of a longer torso and makes your swimsuit a unique piece.


Belted swimsuits are big this season. They offer a great way to add a charming element to what would be a simple garment. This is also an excellent way to make your waist look smaller and to keep you feeling all tucked in.

The front tie detail is also a new element that adds a feminine touch and makes your garment somewhat unique. The front tie element is mostly found on the top piece of a bikini set, or of a one-piece.

Colour alert:

Chocolate is all I have to say. No, not the delicious snack, but the colour is a huge trend in swimsuit fashion this season. The brown chocolate colour can be found in all styles and shapes.



Bold tropical is a fashion trend to be aware of. Palms, plants and florals in beautiful bold colours and shapes are trendy this season.


Strong neons are huge this season, and neons combined with the the sporty look is a trend that’s in full swing at the moment. Simple cuts and bold colours are a great combination.

Polka dots provide another vintage element and add a feminine touch to a swimsuit. Differently coloured and shaped polka dots, small or large, are here to stay.

Now that you are aware of all the trends this season you are ready to shop for your swimwear!