Stylish in linen


Easy, breezy linen is the perfect fabric for hot summer days. It breathes, it dries quickly, and it keeps you cool. Everything can be made out of linen, from dresses, skirts, and jackets to pants, jumpsuits, and shorts. The proof’s in the pudding; just take a look at these stunning linen and linen-blend outfits currently on sale on bidorbuy:

Now that you’ve feasted your eyes, let’s get down to some practicalities regarding linen clothing.

Will a linen garment look stiff and boxy on me?

Manufacturers blend linen with cotton, silk or synthetic fabric to make it softer. They have even found a way to make 100% linen pieces that are supple and never stiff. In both cases, you get a lightweight fabric with great structure and breathability that also drapes well. It’s not clingy, but it’s not boxy either. In a word, it’s perfect.

What about the creasing?

The newer linen fabrics wrinkle much less than the traditional stiff and boxy linen, but they still wrinkle. However, on linen, folds and wrinkles are not an imperfection. They are part of this fabric’s charm and effortless elegance. Never iron your linen garment; that’s a futile task. Instead, hang it in the bathroom while taking a shower and the steam will smooth out some of the creases.

Are linen outfits only for casual occasions?

Linen garments are great for a day on the beach or a picnic in a park, but a tailored linen blazer or a linen dress can be worn for work or smart-casual events. Of course, with linen, even the most formal clothes feel a bit bohemian.

How do I wash a linen garment?

Laundering linen is easy! Linen garments can be machine washed in cold water. Do not use bleach or detergents with optical whiteners, as those weaken the fibre. You can tumble dry your linen clothes or hang them to dry naturally. Linen clothes will not lose their shape after washing. As a matter of fact, they will become softer and more pleasant to the skin over time.

Is there more to be said in favour of linen?

Linen outfits are not the cheapest, but they are very durable and will last for generations if properly looked after. As a result, the price per wear (which is the price that really counts) will rapidly decline. Another advantage is that linen clothes are usually designed to have a loose fit, making them perfect for people of all ages, sizes, and shapes.

How do I find my perfect linen garment on bidorbuy?

Ladies, follow this link to women’s linen garments. Gentlemen, take this route to men’s linen garments.