South Africa-based items now first in search results pages
shopping on bidorbuy


To improve the shopping experience on the site, bidorbuy has introduced a new feature that helps buyers find locally-based products. In all search results pages, items held in South Africa are now displayed in the first tab:

local items on bidorbuy

You can easily change this to international or to all items by choosing the appropriate tab.

An online marketplace is by its nature accessible to the whole internet-connected world. Consequently, everyone is free to trade with anyone else, no matter how far apart they may be geographically. That is as it should be and we at bidorbuy fully subscribe to that principle.

We listened to you


While we want to build the community, the need to improve customer experience obliged us to give more prominence to locally-held products. To put it simply, buyers and prospective buyers have made it clear that they want to find locally-based items quickly and easily, because these items come with lower shipping fees and shorter delivery times.

You may say that the new feature has been introduced by popular demand!

by popular demand

Viewing other options


If you as a buyer want to see internationally held items in your search results, all you need to do is click on the international tab in the search results page. After all, if you do not mind waiting longer for your purchase, it can make sense to opt for international items, even after you factor in the shipping fees.

To have an overview of items located in both South Africa and overseas, click on the all items tab in the search results page.

You will probably opt to see international or all items tab when you are searching for some hard-to-find items.

shopping on bidorbuy

Which pages are affected?


Do note that the South Africa first feature refers only to search results pages. When you browse through categories, go directly to a seller’s page or visit a store, you will, as up to now, see all items, regardless of their location. If you want to see only South Africa-based or solely internationally based items, use the item location tabs or filters.

To make things crystal-clear, the item location tab and the item location filter specify where the goods are, not where the seller is. It goes without saying that products offered by sellers based overseas will be international. It may be less obvious, but products offered by drop-shipping sellers based in South Africa can also be international.

You will still know exactly where a specific product is located. All you need to do is check the top right-hand corner of the item listing, and find item location below the seller’s details:

item location

Do note that the provenance of the products is irrelevant for the purposes of the bidorbuy item location filter. It does not matter whether the products are manufactured locally or overseas. It only matters where they are located, in South Africa or internationally.

We trust that the new feature will improve buyers’ experience, to the satisfaction of both buyers and sellers on bidorbuy!