Can men wear rings?


In case you haven’t noticed, the days of manly denoting a muscular, grunting creature who has no interest in appearance, accessorising and grooming, have come to an end!

The 21st century has brought forward a whole new definition of men; the men who are not afraid to delve into the world of all things fine, including jewellery. Especially rings.

Before the 20th century, many kings and noblemen decorated themselves with jewellery to show off their riches. This fashion somehow fizzled out, and in 1960 it was found that only 10% of men wore rings, usually as a means to remind them of the love of their life.

Today, rings are the new watches in a man’s world. The types of rings and styles vary, each having their own connotations. They can signal status and wealth. Or they can simply indicate that the wearer wishes to adorn himself.

Pairing a tungsten carbide ring with a light collared shirt subtly suggests affluence, while a large gold ring implies power. A popular style many men are opting for today is silicone rings. These robust rings vary in colour and texture, the main attraction being that they are affordable and easily replaced.

But what was the catalyst of this comeback in fashion?

Probably the biggest influences on the fashion world are celebrities. And these days, a host of celebrities display rings of all sizes and shapes on their fingers. Just look at Jason Momoa,Lenny Kravitz,  Johnny Depp, Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn (aka Future),  Zayn Malik…

Often, male celebs choose to adorn themselves with bulky rings, accentuating their masculinity. So there you have it, if you were wondering whether or not it is socially acceptable to wear rings as a man, you now have your answer.