Social media and your business


bidorbuy listingMore and more bidorbuy sellers are using Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Pinterest platforms to spread the word about their listings on the site.

And that is as it should be. Social networks can be excellent promotional channels.

One of the best and easiest ways is to go you your listing on bidorbuy and press the button of the social platform where you want it posted. (See the image on the left.)

Here is a quick overview of the “share” links available in bidorbuy item listings:

Facebook Facebook: Posts the listing into your Facebook timeline, with linked image and title, for your friends to like, comment on, and share.

Twitter Twitter: Publishes the listing title, shortened URL and image onto your Twitter profile; your followers can react to the post, making it visible to their followers too.

Google +Google +: Posts the listing into your profile, with linked image and title; others on the platform may like and share it further.

PinterestPinterest: Pins the image onto your chosen Pinterest board, with the title and linked image. Visitors can re-pin your pin to their boards.

emailEmail this: Sends an email with the listing’s URL to the email addresses you type in.

This by itself may work well for sellers who have lots of friends or followers, especially if they are generous enough to share with their friends and followers. The idea is to entice people to click on the link you shared, tell their friends about it, and hope that someone will go on to buy from you.

And what if you want the word about your bidorbuy presence to reach more potential customers?

One of the options you have is to Like bidorbuy page on Facebook and then post a link to your items or to your seller’s profile there:

bidorbuy on Facebook

Your link (shortened with the help of bitly for aesthetic and practical reasons) will appear on the bidorbuy page on Facebook, to be seen by people who visit it. Just remember that we allow a maximum of one promotional link in any 24-hour period!

If you have extra cash, you may want to budget for paid advertising on social media. The ones that have opened up for paid advertising are trying hard to be small business-friendly, offering you a possibility to obtain a relatively low-cost direct line to current and prospective customers. However, social media advertising is a complex environment, so be prepared for some hard work and – above all – plan well. After all, it’s no good pumping money (and your time and energy) into promoting your business on social platform x, if your customers actually flock onto the platform y.