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Ecommerce Conference South AfricaWhy bidorbuy sellers should attend the 2014 South African eCommerce Conference

The 2014 South African eCommerce Conference will be held on 4 September at the Gallagher Convention Centre (Gauteng), and the registrations are already open. Anyone who is involved in selling online, as well as offline, stands to benefit from attending. And that, of course, includes bidorbuy sellers.

We are in fact so convinced that our sellers will find the Conference useful that we are sponsoring it. In return, we are able to extend a R500 discount to everyone who enters the promotional code bidorbuy when registering. The full cost of this one-day event is R1450.

The topics to be covered on the Conference include ecommerce logistics, with a focus on payment gateways and on security; user experience and customer service; online marketing; and so on. Mobile commerce, also called m-commerce (to differentiate it from ecommerce) will also be discussed.

To keep things extra interesting, the organiser, uAfrica, will be giving some prize giveaways to the attendants.

And in the footnote….

Yes, you may say, the Conference is all fine and well, but is it e-commerce, ecommerce, eCommerce, E-commerce, or…?

As we all know, the term stands for electronic commerce, which no one uses. Currently, the contest seems to be between e-commerce and ecommerce. The former is still predominant, but the tide is turning. After all, look what happened to electronic mail: nowadays, practically everybody refers to it as email. In that name, perhaps the hyphen should be dropped in the abbreviated term for electronic commerce too?

Whichever way you’re leaning, remember to enter your promotional code (bidorbuy) when registering!