Smart bidders pay cents


This competition is now closed.

The reverse race is on for Garmin Nuvi 310 GPS. Have you placed your lowest bid yet?

You have probably heard the story about the father who tells his three sons that he will bequeath his estate to the one whose horse is the last to reach a far-away destination.

You need to do something similar in the bidorbuy SmartBid  competition. In order to win, you need to offer not the most, but the least. In other words, you need to be brave enough to offer less than anyone else is ready to offer. However, there is a catch. Your bid has to be the lowest unique bid (a unique bid is an amount at which no other bidder has bid).

Currently, the race is on for Garmin Nuvi 310 GPS. In shops, it may cost you between R3900 and R4900. In SmartBid, it may cost you R0.01. Or R0.21. Or even R3.69.

But how to ensure that your bid is the lowest unique one?

Let us go back to our story from the beginning. One month after the demise of their parent, we find the three brothers in the middle of a desert, in serious danger of perishing themselves. All three were holding their horses back, desperate to be the last to reach the far-away destination.

Then they chanced upon a wise man. The wise man heard their story, and then he spoke. After his words, the three brothers jumped on the horses and sped off at the speed of the wind towards their far-away destination.

What was it the wise man said that made the brothers change their tactics so drastically?

Have each one of you ride the other man’s horse, he had told them.

Now, changing horses will not be of much help to you when you are trying to win SmartBid. However, embracing a certain kind of tactic may work wonders.

The tactic we are talking about involves getting help from your friends.

You as a bidorbuy user get one chance to bid on a SmartBid item  just like thousands of other bidorbuy users. If you want to rise above the others, you need to stand on the shoulders of your friends (figuratively speaking): for every friend you refer to bidorbuy, you get three additional bids to place on the SmartBid of your choice.

The reverse race for the GPS is on until 14 August. After that, there will be another coveted item up there on SmartBid. Therefore, keep those referrals coming in!