Feel good about yourself


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It is a matter of simple mathematics.

The official fact number one says that music makes you feel good.

The official fact number two says that giving makes you feel good.

From the two facts stated above, we can conclude that listening to the music and giving will make you feel double-good. Therefore, bid generously on one or more of the five Mario Frangoulis’ Music of the Night CD and DVD sets. First, listening to the unforgettable songs will make you feel good. Second, knowing that the proceeds from the auction went to your favourite charity will make you feel even better.

Humankind has always been aware of the beneficial effects of music. Recent studies have only confirmed what we already know: music is good for your mind, body and spirit. To put it scientifically, music elevates your mood by stimulating several areas of the brain, especially the front lobe.

The feel-good effects of giving are less obvious. After all, are not humans supposed to be a selfish species?! Yet, survey after survey indicated that givers are happier people than non-givers. The baffled scientist did what they do best: they wired a group of people to a complicated apparatus. Everyone received some money, but had to transfer a larger part to a charity. Surprisingly, the apparatus revealed that both receiving money and donating it activated the part of the brain associated with pleasure.

As one researcher put it, “the good feeling you get when you donate to your favourite charity could be your brain patting you on the back”. They even have a name for the warm glow and feeling of euphoria that people who give often experience: it is called the helper’s high.

A word of caution: people unused to giving may not at first feel the full beneficial effects of the “helper’s high”. Giving may even hurt a little if you are – how shall we put it? – a particularly selfish person. In that case, just reach for your Mario Frangoulis’ CD, the one that you got for an exuberant amount on bidorbuy and Classic fM charity auction. The sounds of the wonderful music will make you feel better immediately.