Spotted on bidorbuy


Are you planning to be New York sometime around 11 October this year October? If yes, you may as well see Madonna’s concert in Madison Square Gardens – courtesy of a bidorbuy seller who is willing to let you bid not on one, not on two, but on three tickets from R5000.

Perhaps you would rather roam the Louvre than hear the Queen of Pop sing live. Then these tickets are for you: two return fares to Paris, previously unused (well, obviously). The bidding for the pair starts at R16,000, which is quite reasonable when you have in mind that the departure and return times (originally scheduled for September this year) can be changed at no extra cost. The seller was also careful to add that all the airport taxes are included in the price – and we all know how high those can be!

Strange as it may sound, there do seem to be people who would swap both Madonna and Louvre, bundled together, for a good old game of rugby. Well, this is their lucky day. They can bid for two tickets for the South Africa vs. New Zealand rugby match, to be played at Newlands Rugby Stadion on Saturday 16 August 2008. The bidding starts at R450.

There is also something on bidorbuy for virtual travellers – in other words, people who have evolved from actually travelling to collecting memorabilia related  to somebody else’s travel adventures.  These two World War 2 army-issue bus tickets are for them. The tickets were issued by Pietermaritzburg omnibus service, and on the back is a Harper’s ad for soldiers’ complete uniforms. The bidding, with no reserve, currently stands at R45.