Shop Black Friday specials whilst staying safe


After lockdown, you might be missing the experience of heading to the mall. With Black Friday South Africa coming up (this year, it’s on November 27th) you’re probably getting excited about all the great Black Friday deals heading your way – we definitely are! However, this year there are more reasons than ever to shop online rather than in store.

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Why queue? 

To get the Black Friday specials in-store, you need to get up ridiculously early and stand in line outside your chosen mall or store. Some shoppers even choose to camp out for a night or two beforehand, to make sure they’re first in the queue.

With coronavirus still a thing, stores will have to make sure everyone is following social distancing rules. That means that lines will be even longer and slower than last year. Plus, you’ll be doing all this while wearing a mask – it really doesn’t sound like any fun at all.

By shopping online, you can snag great deals while you’re sitting on the couch, relaxing in your garden or even enjoying a lie-in – we know where we’d rather be! Plus, you won’t have to worry about coronavirus. Oh yes, and no driving, parking or trolley dramas!

Be a savvy shopper

Shopping in store on Black Friday can be quite a hectic experience, and you risk coming away empty-handed if someone else grabs the last discounted laptop or smartphone

By doing your bargain hunting online, you can take your time to find the products and Black Friday deals you most want – and focus all your attention on them. You won’t get distracted, and you won’t have to elbow anyone else out of the way!

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Be the first to know

Best of all, you can sign up to our bidorbuy Black Friday updates for exclusive early email notifications of all the best deals – including deals that may be available online in advance. Simply click here to add yourself to our mailing list. Also, don’t forget to download the bidorbuy app so you can get the best of Black Friday wherever you happen to be.

Why struggle, when you can ship?

Shopping in store on Black Friday could well mean having to get your purchases home yourself. Discovering that your new widescreen TV is wider than the boot of your car is never a good feeling!

When you shop online, delivery is taken care of. At bidorbuy we offer a range of different shipping options including contactless courier delivery and Pargo drop-off points. That makes the whole process – from searching to unboxing – as easy as can be. One more reason to choose ecommerce sites over brick and mortar stores.

After Black Friday comes… Cyber Monday

By doing your Black Friday shopping online, you’ll save all the energy you need to make the most of even more great bidorbuy deals on Cyber Monday – which is, of course, the Monday after Black Friday.