The shipping factor


delivery-manYes, we have written about shipping before (here, here, here…). And no, we’ll never get tired of re-visiting the subject.

The thing is, a well-defined shipping policy is of utmost importance for smooth functioning of the bidorbuy trading platform and for your success as a seller on it.

You may sell regularly on bidorbuy. You may sell only for time to time. You may even plan to sell something once-off. In any case, you need to define your delivery method and shipping fees as you list an item for sale, because:

  • Your buyers are more likely to complete an order if they know what you charge for shipping;
  • You will have less pre-sale queries to reply to;
  • You will have less post-sale issues to deal with.

New sellers or sellers who did not take care to set up their shipping fees in the past will be served this little box as they list something for sale:


Do not ignore it.

If you are an occasional or once-off seller, simply click on the Shipping quick create link and follow the prompts. In just a few shot and quick steps, you’ll have the shipping charges section sorted out.

Regular sellers are advised to go the full length. Start by setting up shipping methods (e.g. Post Office, courier, economy, express). Then set up shipping products classes (based on the type / weight / size of the products you sell) for each of the shipping methods. To make things easy for you, we have put together this how-to with video tutorial.

(Yes, it is hard work, but once you’re done you’ll be glad you did it.)

Whether you opt for “quick shipping” or for the whole package, you can trust the bidorbuy system to remember your setting for the next time you need them. Of course, you’ll be able to edit and change the details at any time.

It goes without saying that you need to do your homework beforehand. You must know what you intend to charge for shipping before you start creating a listing, so it’s a good idea to get a few quotes from a courier and to peruse the Post Office tariffs.

Also, do remember never to overcharge on shipping! Adding a little for packaging and handling is fine, but it is definitely not acceptable to try to make a profit on shipping fees. That is against the bidorbuy policy and is unfair (and extremely annoying) to the buyers.