NBAT: Natural Beauty for Africa


nbatlogo2We recently had the pleasure of introducing NBAT “Natural Beauty for Africa Trading” to the bidorbuy Health and Beauty category.


NBAT is a distributor of natural, organic, sustainable and eco-friendly products. The company was founded in early 2012 and is based in South Africa’s Eastern Cape.


NBAT believes in the power of nature and the avoidance of harmful synthetic substances to promote greater health and well-being. Their range is hand-picked to ensure it passes their zero tolerance for risky or unhealthy ingredients and instead offers products that enhance the body’s natural capacity to restore health and vitality.


NBAT is the exclusive distributors of ZAO, ECO Cosmetics, Eliah Sahil and SANTE NaturkosmetikTheir products have been featured on “Faithful to Nature”, Ethical Living, Ruby Box, Salt Water Girl, All 4 Women, Beauty South Africa and many popular online Health and Beauty blogs.


Cheryl Barker Co-founder and Director of Natural Beauty for Africa says: “We have picked every product carefully. Our products are certified natural and organic. We use everything we have in our catalogue ourselves – if we’re not happy with a product, we don’t sell it. That’s our promise to our customers.”


 More about the brands







ZAO has developed 100% natural formulas enriched with active organic ingredients to delicately beautify your skin.

True skincare make-up with natural remineralising, antibacterial, anti-ageing, regenerating, moisturizing and protective ingredients such as bamboo powder, squalane, micronised silver, silica, red algae, Siberian ginseng, ginkgo biloba, aloe vera, carnauba wax, pomegranate butter, cocoa butter, shea butter, babassu seed oil and coconut oil.


The ZAO range consists of: Makeup, Face Care, Fragrance, Body Care, Hair Care, Styling, Colour, Men’s Care, Sun Care, Supplements, Kids and Babies.





SANTE Naturkosmetik


SANTE offers a wide range of modern, convenient quality organics at great value for money. Ideal for you if you want to green your entire beauty bag, ensure your whole family uses healthy, safe products or if you are perhaps considering testing the benefits of organic cosmetics for the first time. You are sure to find something to your fancy in this broad offering!


Experience the latest, fresh fragrances with all your senses. Pamper yourself with the light and fine formulations of the care products, shower gels and lotions, and feel the nourishing care of valuable, purely plant-sourced ingredients. Whether it’s for him or for her, for big or for small: welcome to the new world of SANTE natural cosmetics.


SANTE Naturkosmetik range consists of: Face Care, Men’s Care, Hair Care, Styling & Colour, Crystal Deodorants, Dental Med Toothpastes, Body Care and Children’s Face Paints.


Eliah Sahil by Planet Pure


Planet Pure was established in 1999 and has since built up a range of innovative natural products with fair trade ingredients sourced mainly from its own subsidiary in India. The company has a strong focus on its people as well as everything that interconnects with them and a deep understanding of natural resources.


Planet Pure received the Austrian Sustainability Award 2009 for its Eliah Sahil Shampoo and came second in the Newcomer Product 2011 Awards by Bio partner.


Eliah Sahil cosmetic products are made of high quality herbal, plant and flower essences, as well as minerals. They are available in powder form. As no water is added, there is no dilution and they consist of 100% natural active substances, free from preservatives, surfactants, fragrances and alcohols. 


The Eliah Sahil range consists of: Powder Products, Pure and Precious Body Oils, Himalayan Bath Salts and Face Creams.


ECO Cosmetics


Eco was founded in 1993 and originally specialised in essential oils for alternative health practitioners. It launched its first cosmetics range in 2004, combining valuable plant substances with the knowledge gained from latest research findings. The eco team has a passion for developing truly effective natural cosmetics that meet highest demands on application and results while being friendly to the environment. This spans from the careful selection of active and other ingredients to CO2-neutral production– eco is the first company to offer a CO2-neutral range of cosmetics.


Well water
The importance of water in a cosmetic product is often reduced to a minimum. It is, however, the main ingredient. Many manufacturers use demineralised tap water for their products. We use well water pumped out and unpressurized for a better quality of water. The slight mineral content supplements the ranges of natural ingredients in an ideal way.


The Eco Cosmetics range consists of: Suncare, Hair Care, Styling, Face Care and Baby Care.