She did it again!


Brenda managed to win the bidorbuy Best Guess competition for bloggers two times in a row. Can you match that? * This Thursday, guess the winning bid for a Jonway Scooter * Next Thursday, guess the winning bid for a second hand Mercedes Benz * Best Guess competition is for South African bloggers only

We do not know how she did it. Brenda herself probably does not know how she did it. Perhaps it was pure coincidence. Perhaps Brenda possesses some special gift. (If latter, she is in line to be snatched up by the South African weather forecast people).

In any case, Brenda, who maintains the Conquest75 blog, walked away with R600 cash after predicting that a 2-bedroom apartment would sell for R382,700, which was closest to the winning bid of R390,000. And a week before, she won R300 for best-guessing what bidorbuy buyers would be willing to pay for a VW Polo Hatch: Brenda said R107 500, and the highest bid was R106,917. (Uncanny, isn’t it?)

Well, during the next two weeks you get a chance to match Brenda’s record.  Guess what price a Jonway scooter will achieve on the Thursday November 20th auction. To help you out, we shall give you the gift of hindsight: an identical scooter was recently auctioned off on bidorbuy for mere R8,100.

And on November 27th, guess what will be the highest bid for this beauty: the second-hand Mercedes Benz convertible (does anyone else resemble in so far as wanting this one for Christmas?)

Good luck to all South African bloggers! May the best-guessing powers be with you!
By the way, detailed rules of the competition are posted on the Best Guess page.