Smart Christmas shopper


Are you looking to cut down on Christmas 2008 spending?

You are not alone. So is everybody else.

The scary spectre of recession is upon us. And in the times of economic downturn, everybody is searching for ways and means to reduce spending. Even people whose purse is not affected by the financial squeeze tend to spend less, either due to the prevailing atmosphere or because the future becomes more and more uncertain.

However, we all still want to give great gifts to our family and friends.  No need to despair. Here are a few tips on how to find good deals on bidorbuy and avoid holiday shopping disasters.

You already know that shopping online is usually cheaper than retail. For example, has great deals on auctions, many of them starting at R1. But do not scoff at the “buy now” merchandise either. As a rule, fixed price items bought on bidorbuy will cost you ten to thirty percents less than in shops.

If you have your heart set on shoes or clothes, check you size in a brick-and-mortar store before ordering them online. Brand-name clothes are especially well suited for this, because there is no danger of size discrepancy. A pair of Guess jeans in size 38 online is guaranteed to be the same as the size 38 pair of Guess jeans offline.  The only difference being – the former will as a rule be cheaper.

Always do your homework before pressing the “buy” button. Search the site. Someone else on bidorbuy may be offering the same item, but at a lower price.

Check with the seller to see if the items can be returned for credit. Then calculate the shipping costs – including the return shipping costs – into the price of the item.

Whenever you can, save on delivery charges by buying more than one item from the same seller.

Remember that delivery takes time. Most bidorbuy sellers abide strictly to the rule: money first, then the goods. In other words, it’s no use trying to soften them with some sentimental story in hope that they will make an exception in your case and send the merchandise without waiting for the payment. Instead, start your bidorbuy Christmas shopping on time – and the time is now.