Revamp for bidorbuy


It seems to be the season for it.

Everyone is digging, fixing, re-doing, renovating.

Take my drive from home to work. Short as it is, it involves navigating over exactly three freshly dug ditches. Every now and then a geyser materialises too, spewing water, soil and smaller pieces of Earth’s rocky layer onto the road.

On the socializing front, all my friends are busy renovating. The coffee they serve definitely has a plaster-dust after taste.

And at work, the noise that goes with building partitions has finally subsided. Only to give way to the all-pervading smell of paints. Yes, the bidorbuy office is going through the growing pains of the sub-diving-the-available-space variety.

In keeping with all that fixing, preening and renovating, bidorbuy site is also undergoing important changes. You could not help but notice it if a recent stroll around the site took you to one of these categories:

Yes, a new, better, easier to navigate category structure is already in place on bidorbuy site! True, for the time being the signs of the revamp are visible only here and there. However, it is a big job, and bidorbuy guys (gals including) are taking things slowly, with great care. No spewing, spluttering, or hic-ups are expected!

In due time, all bidorbuy categories will get a fresh look. All in the name of better user experience, easier navigation and more enjoyable shopping.