Roadmap to winning an iPad


The bidorbuy Win an iPad Competition is entering its final stage. With the eleven clues we gave you so far, you are certain to land on the mystery listing.

Let us re-cap.

First, ignore the clue number 2. You will not need it, because it has been supplanted by the clue number 7.

Take the remaining ten clues to the bidorbuy Advanced search page and enter them as follows:

Clues 6, 10 and 11 will give you the keywords to type in the search box. The keywords are the words missing from the three phrases. If you need help figuring them out, turn to your favourite search engine for answers.

Clues 7 and 8 narrow down the price range of the item in the mystery listing.

Clue 9 gives you the category where the missing item is housed. (Again, you may go to a search engine to find the solution for the riddle.)

Clue 3 tells you what type of listing our mystery item is.

Clue 1 spells out the item condition.

Clue 4 points to the payment option offered.

Clue 5 indicates the warranty options.

For all you visual types out there, here it is in picture and words:

After you enter all ten clues, press the Search button, and you will land on a search results page containing two or three listings. From there, you will have no trouble finding the mystery listing. You will recognise it by this image (the famous Yay! image):

Then pretend to buy the item (one buy per treasure hunter, please). Do not worry, you will not have to pay anything. Instead, you will be given a secret code which you need to SMS to 33003. You may SMS the code as many times as you want, bearing in mind that every message is charged R1.50.

All the correct SMSs received by 5 P.M on 5 November 2010 will be entered into a draw.

The winner will be randomly chosen and informed by telephone no later than 15 November 2010.