Clue twelve for the workshy


Yes, even those of you who were too lazy to follow the instructions laid out in the blog post Roadmap to winning an iPad get a chance with clue number 12.

Our mystery listing, which may (or may not) lead you to winning an iPad, is immensely popular, so paying a visit to the What is Hot section should enable you to find it in no time at all. Oh wait a moment… Currently, there are 6342 hot items on bidorbuy, spread over 159 pages!

Well, serves you right for waiting until the last moment, and then expecting to have the mystery listing served to you on a silver platter!

However, since we at bidorbuy HQ are all tender-hearted people, we shall not send you away from this blog without some kind of treat. We shall reward you with this insider explanation of how items listed on bidorbuy get to be hot or red hot:

Ready? Here it is:

What is Hot section essentially tells you what the buyers are after. Hot items are the ones that have  at least two bids on auctions, two purchases on buy-now or two responses on classifieds. For an item to be rated red hot, the magic number is four: four bids, four purchases or four responses.

As you can already guess, the system is heavily biased towards auctions and, to a lesser extent, classifieds. Buy-nows can become hot only if the seller lists a quantity of more than two at a time. Buy-nows get to be red hot only if the quantity offered in a single listing is more than four.

Have you made it this far into this post?


Then you deserve the real reward: the name of the seller of the mystery listing in the bidorbuy Win an iPad Competition. You got it. (Yes, really, that is the seller’s name).

You will recognize the mystery listing by the Yay! It is an iPad image and by a long, long list of buyers at the end of the page. Follow the instructions contained in the listing to the letter and… who knows!

In any case, prepare for the scenario in which lady luck smiles at you by performing these simple tasks: read the Win an iPad Competition rules; update your bidorbuy account details (notably your contact telephone number); and be on the look out for delivery guys.