How to prevent customer complaints


Customer complaints are unavoidable in any kind of business, but there are ways for sellers or business owners to reduce complaints, or even prevent them completely. This blog post serves as a guide for those who wish to reduce their complaints by a substantial amount.

Remember that complaints are inevitable and usually happen because the customers’ expectations are not met. Consequently, they feel so frustrated and angry that they feel the need to complain. The key to success is to eliminate any possible opportunities for frustration to occur. Below are a number of things customers usually get frustrated with, along with some tips on how to reduce that frustration.

1. Product images and descriptions are incorrect

Ensure that the images and the description of the product are as close to the original as possible. Imagine a customer purchasing a cake tin because it looks big in the image, only to find that it is way too small. Every detail about your product needs to be described: size, material, condition, and so on. The more the better! That applies to images as well. Provide images from different angles so that customers fully understand what the item looks like and are not disappointed when they receive it.

2. Be direct about shipping information

Make sure you are very clear about the delivery period and include details such as the price for each option (if you offer different delivery options). Explain the delivery process at each step so that customers understand where their parcel is at all times. It is vital to send your customers a tracking number so that they are able to keep an eye on their parcel at all times. It is also important for you as the seller to keep the customers updated at all times, especially if there are delays or stock issues. Communication is key.

3. User-friendly and easy to use website

If you have your own website, make sure it is easy to use and navigate. Cluttered websites will make users less inclined to purchase. Make sure your website is quick to load. If it is difficult to search and navigate the site, consider an upgrade. Ensure you have search filters to assist users and that categories are managed well. These days, businesses can no longer only focus on desktop, but need to consider mobile users too. Make sure your website is mobile friendly; alternatively, consider creating an app. Another very important thing to consider is your contacts page. If customers want to contact you or visit your store, you need to make that information clear and easy to find.

4. Be hands-on with customer support

It is important to understand why your customers complain. If you are aware of problems, you will be able to tackle similar issues in the future and find solutions.

If your customers have questions or feedback, reply  promptly  so that this does not turn into a complaint. If a customer is already frustrated, listen attentively and reply calmly; remember that the customer comes first. Provide a solution to the problem. If you can’t do it on the spot,  get back to them within a reasonable time frame. Remember, a complaint means a solution is needed and there is always a solution to a problem. These days, live chats are preferred form of communication among consumers. If you provide a live chat platform, make this known. Alternatively, provide your customer support times and contact details.

So there you have it, preventative ways to reduce your customer complaints. Hopefully you can use these tips in your online business. If you are a seller on bidorbuy, these tips will also be very useful to you. If you want to expand your business platform and start selling on bidorbuy, you can do that too.