About payment references


We don’t want to go ratting on you, dear bidorbuyers, but we have to reveal to the world at large some of the references some of you use when online-paymentsmaking a payment for one of the thousands of items that are sold on bidorbuy every hour by one of the thousands of the sellers who sell on bidorbuy every month:

  • bidorbuy
  • Your name
  • Purchase


No offence, but that’s exactly what the bidorbuy system says when it detects something like that where the payment reference should be.

And it happens often. Too often. A thousand times a month, give or take a few. As a consequence, a human has to spend many hours manually matching the payments with the orders, the whole process slows down, and the delivery of your miss-referenced purchase is delayed.

Help bidorbuy serve you better by remembering to always enter the correct reference when paying through the system, by bobPay-EFT, bobPay Credit Card, etc. The reference number looks something like this: 3VWXYZ. It is generated by the system and its function is to automatically match the payment with the purchase.

(If you are paying directly into a seller’s bank account, it is usually a good idea to use order number as reference.)

But what if, every now and then, you forget to enter the system-generated reference number when paying through bidorbuy? Don’t panic. After all, we are all human and we all make mistakes. Simply call the bidorbuy customer support at the number broadcast in the top left corner of each and every page of the site (0861 88 0861). Sending off an email will also do the trick, but it will take longer; our customer support receives lots of email messages, and it can take about 48 working hours for you to get a reply from a human.

With a little attention to detail and a little patience, the problem of payment-matching can be greatly alleviated, making your bidorbuy shopping experience all that much more enjoyable.