Online retail in South Africa


Post by guest Sian Wirth, PR Marketing Assistant Trade Conferences International

Jaco-portraitThis year, the TCI’s Online Retailing Conference will feature, one of the top companies in the South African online retail sector.  Jaco Jonker, CEO of bidorbuy, will be addressing the key trends and developments, influence and competitive positioning within the retail industry in South Africa. Jaco joined bidorbuy in 2008 as the Group CFO and within two years he took over the role of CEO. Jaco is on the board of where he performs most of his current duties.

As a renowned industry expert, Jonker has the privilege of opening on day one of the Conference.

Following on the successes of the previous four Online Retailing Conferences, Trade Conferences International brings to retailing professionals a follow up event in 2013, the 5th Online Retailing Conference, with an all new programme and updated topics.

The Conference will host top executives, industry experts and will give delegates a chance to network and gain insight into the minds of these highly accredited speakers.

The Conference will be taking place on the 19-20 June 2013 at the Emperors Palace. To find out more regarding registration contact Sian Wirth on 011 803 0009 or email or visit TCI website  to download the brochure.

Insights into the SA online retail from the TCI’s brochure:

Secure online payment methods, accessibility of internet connectivity, technological advancements, competitive prices, and the ever increasing need for convenience in today’s fast paced life-style are just some of factors contributing to the development of the online retailing industry in South Africa.

Although the South African online retailing industry has reached major milestones in terms of the industry’s initial development, there is still a long way to go until we see significant increases in adoption and usage rates of online retailing. According to Euromonitor International, a researcher for consumer markets, South Africa online retail sales only amount to 0.9% of total retail sales in comparison to other countries like Brazil at 11%, China at 10.7% and Russia at 4.2%.

Considerable headway in the online retailing industry will still take time. There are many aspects that hinder the development of the industry. In order for online retailing to gain momentum basic requirements would need to be put in place, such as higher internet penetration rate, increased credit-card usage, faster and more affordable internet connectivity and also improved delivery services infrastructure.