Got the money? Here are the goods!


bidorbuy is known for its bargains. You are likely to find there great deals on used as well as on brand-new stuff, on last year’s models as well as on state-of-art high-tech novelties.

We are proud that we are the destination for bargain hunters and penny-pinchers. However, shoppers whose motto is “money’s no object” will also find on bidorbuy a goodie or two to splurge on. So, if you had turned green with envy while reading our Money is no object blog post, relax. You need not tear your hair out just because someone else got to those over-R100K beauties before you. There’s plenty more on bidorbuy to satisfy your extravagant shopping tastes.

Just take a look at this pick of the currently listed over-R100K items:

coin1892The R740,000 set of collectable coins

Non-coin lovers (are there such individuals?) might now start wailing: oh no, not another coin!

Everybody else will be glad to know that bidorbuy continues the tradition of being the coin collectors’ paradise. This set of eleven 1892 coins is only one of high-value listings currently open in the Coins & Notes section.


stamp2The 190,000 Zanzibar stamp

Price-wise, coins regularly outdo stamps on bidorbuy, but every now and then one comes across a jewel like this 1896 British colonies stamp. It is interesting to note that the seller has included the image of the back of the stamp too.


paintingThe R180,000 Frans Claerhout oil painting

No, we are not art experts and yes, we know that there have been controversies about the authenticity of some of the painting by this, one of South Africa’s favourite artists. However, the reputation of the seller and the beauty of this painting seem to us eloquent enough.

In any case, buy only if you are certain that the artwork is authentic. (See seller’s advice in the listing description.)



The R199,000 nine-piece silver tea set

Leave being born with a silver spoon to others. Go for spending many blissful afternoons serving tea to friends (all slightly green with envy) out of this tea set. Eleven (yes, 11) kilograms of silver went into the making of it!


honda-motorbikeThe R190,000 Honda CBR1000 Streetfighter

Want to show off your rare (and expensive) find to the world at large? Make heads turn as you vroom past on this extensively customised bike!