Save the Earth and cause general mayhem in Saints Row 4


The Saint Row video games can best be described as a combination of Grand Theft Auto and pure, unadulterated insanity.

Whereas the other titles in the series have seen the gang known as the Third Street Saints go up mainly against rival gangs and the cops, the fourth episode shifts the focus considerably.


The game’s beginning is hilarious and ridiculous. The Saints get involved in a Black Ops mission and foil a nuclear threat to the US planned by Arab terrorists. This scenario leads the Boss of the Saints (controlled by the player) to hatch the bright idea of running for president. The madness continues as he wins the presidential campaign and becomes the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth.


Did we mention that the Boss of the Saints is also the leader of criminal gang involved in drugs and prostitution?


In any case, the Boss-Player places his fellow gang members as cabinet members and begins to run the country with the help of his vice-president Keith Davids (voiced by actor Keith Davids).


This is where things take a turn for the worst. Planet Earth is invaded by aliens and the Saints are captured and imprisoned in a virtual reality world a la The Matrix. From here they set out to destabilise the computer systems of the alien threat by wreaking mayhem and destruction. They develop super powers such as running on air and spurting fire from their hands. The Boss-Player uses his or her powers to rescue other Saints members (and also Keith Davids, please do not forget Keith Davids).


Saint Row 4 is drawing rave reviews and will be available on bidorbuy later this week. Also of note it is the only game in which the player can start a romantic relationship with Keith Davids.