Money is no object…


…when the item is the right item! We spotted several over-R100K items sold on bidorbuy in August so far.

coinThe R450,000 Veld Pond

On 5 August, an auction for one single coin closed at the staggering R450,000.

But what a coin it was: probably the most sought-after coin of the South African Republic (ZAR), a 1902 Veld Pond. In the listing, the seller called it “a collectors’ dream to own” and “the Holy Grail of South African coins”.

Only 986 Veld Pond coins were ever minted. According to the South African Gold Coin Exchange, only 106 have been graded.

The coin that achieved R450,000 on the bidorbuy auction was graded as MS63 by one of the top American grading companies, NGC. A coin graded MS-63 has mint lustre that may be slightly impaired, as is to be expected form a coin minted with an improvised hand press in the veld (hence the name) around Pilgrim’s Rest during the Second Anglo-Boer War.

kiaThe R216,900 Kia Optima

This auction started from R1 and lasted only about 24 hours.

Still, it attracted lots of views and some dynamic bidding. The winning bid of R216,900 was placed on 14 August at 3 PM and it looks like a good bargain. As the listing states, the 2013 Kia Optima 2.4 A/T auctioned on bidorbuy has it all, from electric seats and reverse camera to panoramic electric sunroof and Bluetooth. Plus, only 4500 kilometres on the odometer.

According to the seller, a new Kia Optima 2.4 A/T retails for R336,000,.

toyotaThe R265,000 Toyota Land Cruiser

The seller took pains to provide excellent images and to describe the (apparently, excellent) condition of this vehicle in great detail.

The mileage was low (50,000 kilometres), the extras were plenty (safari snorkel, bulbar, rear ladder, tinted windows, towbar, and so on); so, it’s no wonder that, after spending about a week on bidorbuy, this 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser found a buyer for the asking R265,000. The auction closed two days ago, on Saturday 17 August.